Laundromat Mammaciao Kamishichiken Laundrette Coin-Operated Laundry Kyoto

Laundromat Mammaciao Kamishichiken

Laundromat Mammaciao Kamishichiken Access Map

Basic information on Laundromat Mammaciao Kamishichiken

Shop’s name Laundromat Mammaciao Kamishichiken
The address 744-33,Higashiimakoji-cho,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto-shi,602-8387,Japan

Royal Heights Nakano 1st floor

The nearest station Keifuku Electric Railroad Kitano line Kitanohakubaicho station
The way ○Kitanohakubaichou station, to the east, 700m

○Kamishichiken getting off on the city bus It’ll be the north side along Imadegawa Street 80m to west.

The business hours 00:00-24:00
Open 24 hours.
Regular day off Open throughout the year.
Credit card It’s impossible to use it.
Uniform Resource Locator in a store
Others ○ Call center full equipment corresponding to 24 hours (by the toll-free number, a cellular phone and smart phone, charge for the call no charge)
○ Detergent and a finishing agent are free and are thrown automatically.
○ Washing is completed in 19 minutes at the least because a rinse is finished by once by electrolysis water use.
○ Easy ecology laundry makes an effort toward brownout and a water conservation in skin and in the environment.[Washing machine]

9kg washing machine 400 yen

18kg washing machine 700 yen

27kg washing machine 900 yen


14kg dryer 10 minutes/100 yen

23kg dryer  8 minutes/100 yen

[For shoes only]

Shoe washing machine/300 yen

Shoe dryer 30 minutes/100 yen

・2 pairs for adults
・4 pairs for children